“Having been responsible for multiple corporations’ tax filings over the past decade, I write with complete confidence that Ralph Jarmon is no less than an accounting prodigy. I have watched him clean up the sub-par work of past CPAs, streamline filings for convoluted corporate structures, and ultimately save hundreds of thousands of dollars for the companies I have entrusted to his expertise.Likewise, he has been the preparer of my personal taxes from back when they were as simple as it gets until now with a growing family and increasingly complex filings. Anyone who’s looking for an exemplary CPA, a great man, and a financial advocate you’ll keep forever should rejoice––your search is over.”

– Jonathon E. Stewart, President
Atticus Entertainment, Inc

“As a novelist and working musician, I usually wander each year through tax-land limbo, unsure what to do. After meeting Ralph. and after a single consultation and completed tax return, I am still retroactively kicking myself for years of over-paying Uncle Sam. Ralph is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense CPA who navigates the tax code labyrinth like a GPS. Best of all, he tells it like it is.”

– Bob Berger

“Mr. Jarmon is a life saver and a stress reliever, and I wish my company had turned to him sooner.As the tax situation for my business became much harder to stay on top of due to the economic changes, we needed outside help to keep us in line with the current tax laws. A firm or entity who could handle the number crunching, freeing up valuable staff time to address other accounting issues for 2011. After asking around for recommendations, we were introduced to Ralph by a former employee of ours who had moved on to bigger and better. For all the collective experience the accounting team has at my company, we realized our small group needed outside help. Mr. Jarmon was better at optimizing our filing and business planning. Honestly, I felt like we had our heads in the sand for some time and Ralph showed us the light. We wish that we would’ve come to a crisis point a few years back, as Mr. Jarmon was able to look through all of our paperwork and improve our filing for this year. We feared that what we would be paying California business taxes would really hit us hard this year, but thanks to Mr. Jarmon’s tireless efforts we will be doing better than LAST year (in terms of filing and dealing with the new codes).

While not part of our team I have to consider him an invaluable resource to talk to and consult, when the clutter in my head became to much and recent deadlines loomed. We got our filing done ahead of schedule today and are have better bookkeeping and record keeping thanks to Mr. Jarmon’s valuable guidance.

The best part is that while Mr. Jarmon’s recent efforts improved my companies approach to handling our money, it didn’t feel like sitting down at an accountant’s office and talking to soulless machine wearing a suit. More like that crafty relative who was more seasoned and experienced with the world who knew solutions to problems because he kept thinking outside the box. Someone we could trust like family to help us make wise decisions. Someone with that glint in their eye and sharp mind who partnered with us on our labor.

If you do deal with Ralph, please be aware that Mr. Jarmon is a very intelligent and fast thinker, so please do your best to keep up.”

Sonya R.