My Clients

I provide timely professional services to a wide variety of individuals and business entities:

  • Entertainment Artists and Creative Professionals (performing artists, writers, designers, directors, producers)
  • Motion Picture & Television Production ( Above and Below the line)
  • Medical, Healthcare, Legal, Real Estate and Financial Professionals
  • Small Businesses and Independent Contractors
  • Entrepreneurs & Consultants (internet marketers, e-retailers, hi-tech, software and video game designers, caterers and other food services, New-Age business)
  • Architects, Landscapers, Building and Construction Services
  • Educators and Trainers
  • Financial and Real Estate Brokers and Salesman
  • And More

Client Growth
If you own your own business, are starting a new business, work as an independent contractor, invest in real estate, or find your tax situation more complex as you achieve success, the truth is you may have outgrown your current accountant. In fact he may be “costing” you a lot more than the fee that appears on his invoice. Upgrade to an innovative tax consultant like myself.