Tax Consultant and Business Coach

If you own your own business, are a creative or independent professional or invest in real estate, you really need more than just a “tax preparer”. In fact you almost certainly need a true “tax advisor” who can give you a customized proactive plan to strategically take advantage of all the tax breaks and deductions that are legally available to you.With over 25 years of CPA experience with a focus in the field of tax preparation and planning. I combine my broad knowledge of tax laws and regulations with a repertoire of unique techniques to produce extraordinary tax results for my clients.

More to the point, there are often tax deductions and events not clearly correlated to either the client’s worksheets or ledgers. Therefore I conduct in-depth discussions with my clients to explore tax deductions, credits or tax events that may have been overlooked. I also have an awareness of astute tax loopholes that can result in definitive tax benefits. In addition, I have a keen understanding of how the IRS audit “flagging” system works. When your tax return is filed, IRS computers compare it against the national Discriminate Information Function (DIF) system average. The IRS calculates the DIF score by using a closely-guarded formula.

The bottom line is that I will partner with my clients to establish and implement a customized tax plan that will result in significantly reducing their business or personal tax.